Rules Changes
Injury and Strain
More common injury – 2 Sizes larger: Gets 50% injury, Traps, Sneak Attacks, Flat-footed.
Potions/Wands do NOT heal injury
Injury can be only be healed by doctors/long rests
Serious wound table to be used on unconscious or more than ½ damage in one hit

As is

Raise survival DC (DC15 for one person, +5 for every additional), good for only same day.
Terrain and weather affect DC

World Details
Dragons are rare and super powerful. Well known and named. Younger ones less rare/scary.

Mages are very rare, have their own society. Secret mages guild, most people are afraid. In ancient history, mages much more common. Nearly destroyed the world so now people are very scared/distrustful. Magic items much more common because they are leftover from mage history.

Clerics and Paladins have a holy city. The 14 core good gods make up the pantheon of the Holy Organization. Upon enter the organization, graduates select a god to be their patron. Divine casters are much more common and mostly are warriors/doctors.
Technological country that doesn’t allow anyone in who doesn’t swear loyalty to them. A divine character cannot use the tech, the gods will not allow it. They will try to convert others to add to their nation.

The Collective Dilemma

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