Wizard who is good at killing. Also loves books and dungeon diving


Aegosthena is a wizard who happened to become mayor of a small village. Smart, egoistical and a quite powerful wizard he spends his time between books and old forgotten ruins. Always hungry for knowledge on magic, history and languages Aegosthena is always looking to become a more poweful wizard.


Aegosthena was born in a small village that he has long forgotten about, at a young age while he was exploring the village he found in the ground an old book. While he had been introduced to books at a young age this book was something he had never seen before with writing that was strange an alien to him. He spent some time reading the book, it came natural to him, more so then doing anything else, this strange book let him do all sorts of magic. He then took it to show his family.

His family was in shock that he had magic in his veins. The local cleric and said he needed to be dealt with. Before he knew it he was locked into the guards cells awaiting his fate. While he does not recall how long he was in those cells he does remember someone coming out to save him. An unknown person came in and unlocked the door with some magic and told Aegosthena to leave, gave him a wooden staff, some supplies and took him out of town to a small cave. He did not tell him much but said that he would be safe in the cave and the surrounding area with the supplies he had. Aegosthena was told to study his book and the mysterious person left and would return a few times a month to check up on Aegosthena.

After awhile Aegosthena deiced he would venture off into the world, he found a road that led to a small trading outpost and from there his real adventure began. Over 6 years he would travel to border towns, villages and outposts working as a hedge mage. While most people distrusted him few he would convince would find great use of his abilities. Working in as a translator, engineer and dungeon diver he was able to make it in the world.

After a while Aegosthena would always visit one of the major town to look at the library, buy supplies, meet up with friends and improve his skills. While he was in this town one day it war came to the town. Aegosthena wanting to prove his worth and gain favor in the eyes of the people and nobles offered his help in the siege and fighting. During an assault on the besieging army he was captured by the enemy and tortured by him for information. They thinking he was more important then he was they went at him for weeks, until Aegosthena was able to escape while the enemy made an attempt at the town. He was able to get back into the town and tell them a great deal of the camp, manpower and some more plans he had overheard them talk about. With this information they were able to defend and counter attack the enemy and win the battle, but the lord of the town not wanting people to know that a wizard helped had him imprisoned for months. The Elf lord was pleased that he had helped him but said his kind had no place in this world, he told Aegosthena that after he had taken ever little piece of information out of him he would kill him.

With no hope Aegosthena thought he was doomed to die but luck was on his side that night, a group of adventurous thief’s broke into the lords castle to steal what valuables he had, on there way out they released his prisoners to help there escape, in the process they
broke out Aegosthena and took him with them to the woods.

After months of healing Aegosthena would leave his liberators to wonder a year till he finds
a small ruin, this ruin would be the place of study for a decade, while a small place the mysteries would be hard to solve. In this time he would wander the surrounding woods, river and caves, visit villages and help a group of settlers defend themselves from a host of goblins and orcs. In time the group of villagers would come to trust the strange Wizard living in the ruins of old and would elect him the mayor after the old one died of cardiac arrest.


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