Brian's Character

Bloodrager who thinks he is a dragon.


An extremely built half-elf, clean shaven face and head. His skin is deeply tanned from the sun, giving it a bronze look. He wears bronze kikko armour, resembling scales. On his shoulders, elbows and the backs of his gauntlets are armour spikes which is his primary weapons when not blood raging. The leather of his gauntlets has been removed exposing his hands, which when blood raging grow into fearsome claws.

He has studied extensively in order speak draconic and aquan in addition to his native elven and common. He has also has devoted much study to knowledge of Arcana so that he can master his magical bloodline and better understand dragons. He is an exceptionally gifted swimmer, and does so easily despite his armour.


A half-elf Bloodrager who legitimately believes he is in fact a dragon. He worships Apsu, wears bronze armour (because he is a “bronze dragon”), and uses no weapons save for his spiked armour and claws (which he grows when he becomes enraged). He is duty bound, honourable, and extremely self-righteous. He sleeps in his armour because dragons do not take off their scales. He has strong reservations about killing, but when evil is afoot he’s a absolutely vicious.

Because he believes that dragon’s earn their names from the people who fear and respect them, he will allow anyone to bestow a name upon him, no matter how unappealing. Those who refuse to name him he insists that they refer to him as what he is: “Dragon”.

He grew up on a remote string of islands in a tropical climate. The islands had two distinct colonies, one human and one elven, and due to shortness of resources eventually these colonies went to war. Eventually aid from their homelands arrived and demanded the war be ended but there was deep resentment from both sides. Abandoned as a child of the war, neither the elves nor the humans would keep him due to their hate for the others. He was raised away from the colonies by an elf elder who remembered a time before the war when there was peace between the people. He remained in this elder’s care until he was 10 when the elder was killed by raiding humans. He was taken to work as a slave to the humans, where he was beaten frequently. Despite the destitute living conditions and the constant abuse, he slowly became bigger and stronger as his draconic bloodline began to manifest.

The humans began to fear him and one stormy night sought to kill him. He fought hard against his killers but was ultimately beaten. But before he was slain an enormous bronze dragon emerged from the sea, and stopped the unjust killing. The dragon took him and flew him away from the islands to the mainland. The dragon explained that he had draconic blood and that he should use it to spread goodness and justice with it. He took the dragon’s words in the most literal sense and convinced himself that he was a infant dragon, and that he would indeed spread goodness and justice as he had been instructed. He took to hard work to build his strength and get gold to afford study. He studied the way of dragons and the languages spoken by his bronze brethren. He saved for years to afford a fine set of bronze armour, and he has worn it without ever removing it since.

Brian's Character

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